cheese soup almost creamy

As I promised, here is the "Mote de queso" recipe, this one is not exactly the same but if you follow this I will be sure you like it.
the taro is the main ingredient for this recipe, is important because it will give a creamy texture to the soup and the cheese will complement this flavor.

Cheese soup almost creamy
4-5 serves

- 200gr taro
- Big onion chopped
- 1 chicken stock cube
- 200grs cheese cut in pieces
- 1.5 lts water
- salt (to taste)
- Olive oil

Stir fry the onion until are brown...
Peel the taro, then wash them...
...and cut in small pieces like this...
stir fry the taro with the onion...
Now, add the water, the chicken stock and bring to boil for 15min
then check if the taro is tender, and mash it; I dont have a wire masher but you can use a fork or a wood spoon aswell.
finally, when the taro is mashed and the soup has a creamy texture add the cheese
add salt to taste and serve

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