The Taro

Last week I was doing my typical routine to shop food at the boqueria market, suddenly I saw something familiar, yes, this thing you see in the picture; the "ñame" yep, I have never cooked it, but some recipes in my natal city are made with it, one of my favorites is a soup called "Mote de queso" is just good I was thinking to make it, a warm and tasty soup, I never thought I could find it here in Barcelona, this is a tuber type, like yuca(manioc or casava), sweet potatoe, etc
I was wondering what is the name of this thing in english? Is"Taro"(thank you wikipedia) and I started to read the origins; I realized Taro is native from southeast Asia, that`s interesting, by the way, Taro is cultivated here in Spain too, in Canary Islands. Great!

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