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"No sabia ni freir un huevo y ahora soy un apasionado cocinillas en busca de nuevos sabores que sorprendan; todo es cuestion de metertelo en la cabeza y disfrutar el arte de cocinar"

Soy Kike sierra, diseñador e ilustrador de Cartagena de Indias (colombia) asentado en Barcelona,
Soy muy cocinillas y me  gusta fusionar sabores principalmente caribe, Asia y mediterraneo aunque siempre exploro mas, en este blog comparto mis recetas y  experiencias en la cocina, apuesto siempre por marcar una estetica en los platos ya que "todo entra por los ojos", bienvenido(a) y espero que te sirva de inspiracion.

Hi, im kike sierra, a Cartagena de indias (Colombia) freelance llustrator, a common guy who found my true passion for cooking since i arrived and fell in love with this amazing city, Barcelona; im amateur. And now i cant stop exploring and creating new recipes influenced by all the world cuisine flavors.

Why this Blog?
I like gatherings, invite friends, share and create new recipes mixing all kind of ingredients, whenever I invite anyone is always curious to know how I did it, when i explain step by step, the feedback I get is always the same "it's easy I can also do it!" that is why I decided to share my experience through the kitchen, here you will see where are the best spots tou buy ingredients, with the best prices, cooking tips, experimental recipes, all to surprise you.

My passion for cooking started when I lived alone in Valencia, Spain, it wasn't easy, I had no idea how to cook a simple egg, my first rice was like to eat small salty stones. was a complete disaster. But now is different.

I've always liked to eat well and try everything, and never thought I could cook a tasteful dish, in Colombia usually our mom or the maid used to cook to us, that was my problem.

One day in Valencia I went to a ethnic food dinner, the idea was that each one bring a typical dish of their own country and share their experiences with each meal, the food i prepared was Patacones (tostones called in most of the caribbean countries), they are loke fried plantain chips. My dish aesthetically, was horrible, but I managed to get good flavor. People loved it so much and wanted more, it was exciting how I make people get happy through the food.

Barcelona, the world market
Arrivin to this city was like finding a paradise of world food fusion, I have met people from many countries, and learned their customs and cuisine.
Barcelona opened my food mind and belly world cuisine, and this city is my start point to explore new flavors, then I've been learning more about food traveling through europe. Now I like everything, no matter where, Asian, American, Scandinavian ... everything makes sense, and I give my twist.

Enjoy my blog and I hope my recipes brighten your lives as it has done with me.
I wanna thank to Chef Jose Andres, although he doesnt know who I am, he gave me the reason to feel passion and love for the kitchen, cooking and its origins.

Also my girlfriend and all my friends, especially Ines Salselas, a beauty smart blond portuguese that push me to make this blog and Tony, a good french friend that appreciate my food.