Fish burger with a norwegian touch

I have good memories of Norway, and my live has been connected with it in some ways, when I moved for first time to Spain I lived with a norwegian family for one year in Valencia, I met a good friends from there, and also I won a trip around this country, from Oslo to Bodø. Yep, I know Norway more than my country.

Some people say that norwegian cuisine is boring, maybe is because they haven't tried authentic food, that's why I like to eat home food, I had the chance to do it, and the tasty experience was unforgettable.

I decided to make a burger that reminds me Norway, and I think this recipe is an example of that. This recipe is a combination of sensations and flavors, the pollock fish will be made as crunchy as possible but keeping the soft texture inside it , and the mousse will be the cold and soft complement.

Breaded fish burger with salmon mousse
for 2 people

/////Breaded fish and burger ingredients:
-1 Teaspoon paprika
-1 Teaspoon oregano
-1 salt (to taste)
-1 cup chopped peanuts (chopped in a mortar)
-1 tablespoon breadcrumbs
-200grs pollock fish (or halibut or hake) cut
-Olive oil
-Burger bread
-Red onion

Mix all the spices and the peanut in a bowl, dip the fish into the mixture and roll it.
fry them in a hot pan with a tablespoon of oil and seal them in all the sides for 3-4 minutes, and that's all.

/////Salmon mousse:
- 300 grams smoked salmon
- 125 grams meierismør (its 100% butter from cow, no oils from plants)
- 5 dl sour cream
- 125 grams lodderogn/ cod roe
- Salt and pepper to taste

How to do it:
Put the smoked salmon in the food processor and blend until smooth. Then add the soft or melted butter, sour cream and salt and pepper. A little salt will do since the roe and the salmon is salt as it is, maybe you wont need any salt at all. When its all a smoothe mix, add the cod roe and mix slowly and carefully with a spoon or something to not break the roe. Cover up and refrigerate overnight in a form that gives it the shape you want. Because it contains a lot of fat, it will be firm after a while in the fridge.
Special thanks to Linnéa's grandma that gave me this tasty mousse recipe.

Finally, build the burger adding over the fish a red onion with carrot, avocado strips and the mousse.

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