A weekend in Madrid.

HELLO PEOPLE!, yes I know I've been away from the blog for few weeks, too much work is taking me most of the time, but I have known new recipes last weeks that I'd like to share with you.
I recently came from Madrid, I was visiting a close friend of me, Helena, a swedish girl and cooking addict like me. We took our time to do what we usually do when we meet up...to cook, eat and learn from eachother; and this time she made a non common fish soup with peaches and it was too yummy!. Also I walked around the huge Madrid to discover the city and taste the popular Bocadillo de calamares (cuttlefish sandwich) that everybody suggested me to eat, I will show a recipe I tried to figure out at Peruvian restaurant in the heart of chueca area and finally I was invited to Thanksgiving dinner that was really beautiful, lot of food of course, and very tasty; I learned a delicious recipe for veggies there. So, stay tuned because Many recipe posts are coming all new and colored recipes for your belly and here they are:
just click on the link to see eachone!

The Helena's "Fisksoppa med persika" that means fish soup with peach
My special Bocadillo de calamares (cuttlefish sandwich)
Veggie stuffing -designing the post
Fish with spicy peanut sauce-designing the post

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