Cartagena de Indias independence homage lunch menu

Today we are celebrating the Cartagena(my hometown) independence day, despite we are far away from there, we decided to make our special food homage cooking with some traditional recipes. For now, i share to you some pics of the lunch and i'll be posting the recipes for each one later, just stay tuned!

The main dish is coconut rice, beef stew with panela sauce and mashed potatoes

And I made a tapa invented by me, is as "Ferran Adria" would say "skewer deconstructed arepa de huevo", is basicaly a typical "arepa de huevo (corn cake with egg fried)"

My girl made a good dessert "cassava cake", the recipe...soon!
And here they are, my girls and her sister, enjoying :)

2 comentarios:

Ruth dijo...

I will be waiting for the rice, mashed potatoes and meat looks soo good. Can't wait to try it at home.
Let us know when the recipe is ready, maybe a video will be good.

kikayis dijo...

yes, Im working on the video, dont worry i will pos the recipes ASAP :)