The Helena's Fisksoppa med persika (fish soup with peach)

Some of you maybe wonder how is possible to combine peach with fish together in a soup, well this sweden recipe is the best example of this. Helenas's fish soup is now on the top of my favorites soups, the peach flavor is different, and complement with the other ingredients, is not a sweet taste is, is, is undescriptible :)

This is the helena's recipes notebook, a goldmine!!!

And this is Helena! thanx for your wonderful soup!

So this is the translation for you and me of course :)

Fish Soup with Peach /Fisksoppa med persika
For 6 people

1 onion peeled and cut
2 garlic cloves minced
2 tsp curry
400 g tomatoe cut in small cubes
1/2 fish stock
1/2 vegetable stock
4 dl water
400 g peach peeled or can peach
1 1/2 cooking cream
500 g fish (like hake fish)
200 g shrimps

- Stir fry the onions and garlics.
- Add curry, tomatoes, chicken and vegetables stock and water
- Boil 10 min
- Cut the peaches and add them together with the cream.
- Boil another 10 min.
- Cut fish and add. Simmer for 4-5 min.
- Add the shrimps right before serving.

And decorate with candles on the table :)

Smaklig måltid!!!

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