White rice, Cartagena style cooking

Some habits do not get lost, and the rice could be the top on my list. For me, rice is the best supplement in foods, is a meal that fits into almost every dish. Here in Spain is very common bread and is good, especially when you spread the sauce of the stews, but I prefer the rice :)

The typical way to do here is boiled rice is very healthy but I personally don like how it taste, but when is done for paella is delicious, the way I am going to share is more delicious and I'm sure you will give me the hehe reason.

First of all make sure you buy the right rice, when you say "rice" here in Spain, refer to a fatty grain, also called "round rice", it has more starch and is a bit sticky, the rice that I use is the typical used in Latin America, even in Portugal, the name here is "long grain rice" in spanish is "arroz largo", not basmati but its shape is similar.

ok fellas, time to cook!

White rice
well, what do we need?

For 2 persons and 1 unexpected guest
-Rice (long grain rice for people based in spain)
-1 tablespoon of salt
-1 garlic clove
-3 tablespoon of vegetable oil

Here we go!

In a hot pot add oil, then add the garlic, I get used to crush the garlic but do not chop it, I fry the garlic with the skin all in the oil, let it fry about 30 seconds by turning in the pot after you remove it, do not let most of the time because the Garlic flavor is very strong and affects the taste of rice.
Now add the rice and stir with the oil, this is for the rice absorbs the flavor.

"Adding a portion of rice is twice in water, I always use this cup from Ikea, with one and a half portion can eat 3 persons, if you do not have this cup try a coffee cup also works "

Ok, now add water and bring to boil and simmer over high heat. When the pot turns dry, cover it and simmer over very low heat during 10 minutes.
To check if the rice is ready, just take a grain and try. It should not be hard. and that`s all.

My favorite part is the rice fried in the bottom of the pot, you'll see a delicious fried crispy layer of rice; in my city is called "Cucayo" do not know why? but the best part, eat it!

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